Regenerative agriculture & organic farming

With our youth in Regenerative Agriculture and Organic Farming project we aspire to encourage local communities to build a grassroots movement of young farmers who will promote and put into practice regenerative agriculture and sustainable land-use practices that improve the livelihoods of farmers while simultaneously ensuring a secure biodiversity, climate stability and a sustainable future.

Climate change & environmental sustainability

The Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability project combines skills training, advocacy, and hands-on projects to empower a diverse group of young leaders with leadership and entrepreneurial skills to address climate change and to turn the 2030 Agenda into action and results.

Health and sanitation 

Our Health and Sanitation project aims to engage youth and to raise their awareness of the importance of functioning sanitary facilities, water-related issues, sexual reproductive health and hygiene. We create platforms for young people to connect, learn, collaborate and pioneer innovative initiatives to address sanitation, health, hygiene and water-related issues.

Peacebuilding & human rights 

We promote and support the role of young people in peace-building, human rights issues and in countering all forms of racism and discrimination.  The peacebuilding and Human Rights project consist of three strands of initiatives: raising awareness, facilitating exchange, and capacity building.

Policy & governance 

We facilitate the inclusion of youth perspectives in policy-making and policy implementation processes in society. We partner allied organisations to promote a culture of inclusion of youth perspectives by providing young people with the tools and support they need to actively contribute to policy dialogues, sustain civic responsibility and inter-generational exchanges. We are building a generation of youth who are well-informed and are influencing policies and processes that shape their lives and that of their communities.