Youth Path Organisation

Igniting apt initiative for youth-led development.


Youth Path Organisation (YPO) is a youth-led nongovernmental organization founded in 2009. We are committed to promoting the cause of a youth-led development through the creation of initiatives that inspire and empower the youth to fulfill their potential and contribute to activities that create social and environmental impact in Ghana. We inform, raise concerns, mobilize and empower young people for service. Our sphere of activities include governance policy advocacy, regenerative agriculture, environmental sustainability, health & sanitation, and peacebuilding. We have Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since July 2013.

Our Vision

We inform, raise concerns, mobilize and empower young people for service.

Our Mission

We promote the cause of a youth-led development through the creation of networks and initiatives with the purpose of inspiring and empowering the youth to fulfil their potential and contribute to building initiatives and activities that create social or environmental impact.

Guiding Principles

We operate under the guiding principles of youth-led development. The concept of youth-led development affirms the development of ideas, creativity and energies of young women and men – are vital for the continuous development of the societies in which they live. At YPO young people define, develop and implement initiatives in consultation with the community needs and aspiration.




Mission Done





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